Case study: Πως ένα ψεύτικο μπέργκερ έκανε την διαφορά.

Όταν η KFC ζήτησε από μια πολύ γνωστή διαφημιστική εταιρία (την BBH) να συστήσει στον κόσμο το Dirty Louisiana, το νέο “limited edition” burger της, αυτοί είχαν μια διαφορετική ιδέα. Όπως φαντάζεσαι το “Dirty Louisiana” ήταν ένα πολύ βρώμικο burger. Όνομα και πράγμα.

A war and 4.1 miles of terror. Now you know..

We all know. But do we? We all care. But do we ? This documentary was shot by DAPHNE MATZIARAKI in one single day on the island of Lesbos. Everything you see, happens daily on the Greek islands just miles from the Turkish coast. What people ask for, is help and support. They may get an…

Great men do cry!

Beside every great man, there is an even greater woman. Barak Obama breaks as he thanks Michele in his farewell speech. Great men do cry. #ObamaFarewell

Medium, “how the f*ck are we making money here?”!

*** This is my take on the recent post by Ev Williams on Medium’s refocus. *** I’m new to Medium as a writer, but I’m a very old follower of the business and consumer of the content. Lets agree on something. Medium is currently the best publishing platform on the planet. Ok, we don’t have to agree on that. Its just my opinion….